New Releases

Blair A. Ruble
This book recounts how in Washington, DC, theater offered a path to recognition for African Americans, Roman Catholic clerics, regional theater enthusiasts, and community activists.
NOT IRISH ENOUGH: An Anglo-Irish Family’s Three Centuries in Ireland
Sara Day
An engaging, richly annotated account of three hundred turbulent years of Irish history, highlighting the experiences of an Anglo-Irish Protestant family.
EROS AND ERIS: Love and Strife In and Beyond the Greco-Roman World
Ori Z Soltes
This book considers Greek and Latin literature as a prism through which Greco-Roman civilization may be understood through the specific lens of the interweave of two concepts, eros (love) and eris (strife).
LEAPING OVER THE OCEAN: Re-Reading Black Women’s Mobility in the 19th and Early 20th Century Trans-Atlantic World
Willi Coleman
This book highlights the motivations that pushed four Black women across the Atlantic Ocean at the turn of the 20th century to explore race and gender issues both at home and abroad.
THE MIDDLE EAST RIDDLE: A Study of the Middle East Peace Process and Israeli-Arab Relations in Changing Times
Luis Fleischman
The Middle East Riddle’s integrates different perspectives in order to understand the complexities of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
Dan Whitman
This book seeks to bring a relatively less known African country, the Republic of Congo, vividly alive to readers through anecdotes, photos, and historiography. While there is some mention of U.S. policy past and present, the text is more anecdotal than didactic or academic.
Robert Bruce Adolph
This is the gripping true story of 4 intense years in the life of a US Army Special Forces soldier, who joins the UN and then goes on to an assignment in Iraq at the time of the deadly jihadist bombing attack of the UN headquarters.
SLINGS & ARROWS: How Toxic Narratives Perpetuate Poverty in Indian Country
David W. Bland
This is a story about how a small company struck a blow against toxic narratives that keep Indian families in poverty, while winning a billion and a half dollars for housing and economic development on reservation lands.
JOHN LAW: The Man Who Changed the World
Pat Silver-Lasky
Sex, Money, and Power are the most powerful forces that drive mankind, and John Law was hell bent on having them all.
THE ABALONE UKULELE: A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue
R. L. Crossland
An historical novel set in 1913 Shanghai, where four cultures are about to collide: China, Korea, Japan, and the US. The point of collision is three tons of Japanese gold ingots meant to undermine an already collapsing China.
Vasken Berberian
This novel recounts the story of the Armenian genocide and beyond, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the frozen Siberian coast, from the plush palazzi of Venice to the cruel Soviet concentration camps, following the lives of two twin two brothers and their younger sister.
ELEONORA AND JOSEPH: Passion, Tragedy, and Revolution in the Age of Enlightenment
Julieta Almeida Rodrigues
An enticing take on the Enlightenment set in 18th-century Naples and the newly minted United States, as seen through the lens of two powerful historical figures.
A PATHÉTIQUE SONATA FOR THE CAGED CHILDREN: Appassionata Fugue Melodies Ink-Brushed Under Calligraphic Art
Wing-chi Chan
Wing-Chi Chan’s poetry embodies all the intricacies of form and genre across linguistic boundaries. His poems are written in English but conceived in both English and Chinese.
Lai-Fong Wong
This collection of poems unites shattering loss and grief and a deep and hopeful resilience in the face of tragedy both natural and man-made. The collection includes photographic art that helps the reader to more carefully reflect upon the poetry.
PERDITION: Part One of the Profane Comedy
D. Selby Fing
Perdition is Part One of The Profane Comedy, an epic poem that encompasses all of US history, literature and philosophy. It uses Dante’s epic architecture to show the way to attain enlightenment by following a modern, secular path.
32 twisted turns
Anna Schmalinsky
From the author: “For me writing was always a way out ‒ something I could always rely on. When the words stream right from your heart. But what is even more important, is when these words are read.”