Options & Fees


New Academia is a collegial enterprise, open to every scholar who has a product worthy of dissemination—both conceptually innovative books and seminal works that are out of print. NAP is independent and self-sustaining, and not burdened with the bureaucracy associated with the processing of grants. Thanks to the latest, state-of-the-art digital technology, the system is expedient and cost-effective. As a result, publishing with NAP is available to all qualified scholars.

NAP does not ask for subsidies, neither does it impose an obligation to buy a large quantity of books, like many presses do. NAP’s only requirement is a submission fee to cover the overhead.


$1400 Up to 400 pages, 0.50¢ per each additional page

This option includes:

  • Cover design (4-color gloss laminate)
  • Interior design, including pictures
  • (20 picture limit. $2.00 for each additional picture)
  • Formatting
  • Electronic galleys (3 electronic galleys are included; sucessive galleys, $25 each)
  • Index integration, (index provided by the author)
  • Inclusion in Espresso Book Machine (EBM)
  • Inclusion in wholesale catalogues (such as Ingram Advance Catalog and Bowker Books in Print) and online retailer lists (such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble, others). Distributed to university libraries by YBP/Baker & Taylor.
  • Author Webpage
  • ISBN and Library of Congress Control Number
  • One copy of the book


$1500 Up to 400 pages, 0.50¢ per each additional page.

$1900, Hardcover & Paperback together

This option includes all the items as in PAPERBACK. Cover: 4-color case laminate, or cloth with 4-color jacket.

Color Book

Color interior: every page in brilliant color. Cover: Perfect bind 4-color gloss laminate, or case laminate, or cloth with jacket.

Price TBD, according to number of pages and complexity.


Conversion to epub–supported by Kindle, Nook, Google Books, Androids, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo, Adobe Reader, and Ingram Digital–and distributed to thousands of retailers worldwide: $350


Optical scanning of printed book: TBD according to number of pages and complexity