The New Academia Concept of Publishing

The Concept

Twenty-first-century technology has revolutionized the publishing concept together with the means of production. Publication of academic books is no longer the prerogative of the university presses. New Academia Publishing can perform the academic publisher’s job more efficiently, while guaranteeing high academic standards.

New Academia Publishing is a collegial enterprise, open to every scholar who has a product worthy of dissemination—both conceptually innovative books and seminal works that are out of print. Most university and trade presses nowadays are guided by commercial considerations, and many good manuscripts are turned down only because they do not fit the budget or are considered not marketable or not profitable. We think that the book’s intrinsic value to the learned community should be the main selection criterion. Scholars no longer depend on the whims of publishers, but can take a proactive role in the publication of their books.

New Academia believes that the academic community can benefit from twenty-first-century technology without sacrificing quality. It therefore offers efficiency and speed together with a guarantee of scholarly excellence. Our books are peer-reviewed. An Editorial Board, consisting of distinguished scholars ensures that New Academia books are released with impeccable credentials.

Digital printing eliminates the need for warehouse storing, while orders are still fulfilled in 48 hours. The advantage over offset printing is significant. New Academia can cut both costs and time, while maintaining high-quality design, printing, and binding. This translates into a benefit for the authors, who receive higher than average royalties and retain copyright ownership.

Thanks to the new technology, New Academia enables academics and researchers to publish their works quickly and to make them available to a worldwide readership at a moderate price.

New Academia also publishes reprints and new editions of scholarly books that are out of print, making them available again to the academic community.

New Academia specializes in the disciplines comprised in the humanities and social sciences, but may occasionally publish science books written for the general reader.

Peer Review

The peer review process ensures that only books of high academic standards are published under the New Academia Publishing imprint.

Every manuscript that is favorably reviewed is accepted for publication. The main guiding criterion for acceptance is academic excellence; other criteria, such as budget considerations and quotas do not apply to the screening process. This levels the playing field for faculty, scholars, researchers, and graduate students, and gives them a fair chance to share their knowledge with the learned community worldwide.

The peer review process is waived in the following cases:

  • Reprints of books which had been reviewed at the time of the original edition and which gained recognition in the academic community.
  • Manuscripts which have been reviewed by reputable scholars previous to submission, if NAP finds the reviews satisfactory.

Other Imprints: Vellum, Scarith

Under other imprints, New Academia also publishes non-academic books:

VELLUM: International Affairs, Public Affairs, Diplomacy, Government, Politics, Popular Science.
SCARITH: Fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Poetry.

These books are not subject to peer review and are accepted at the discretion of the Publisher.