UNITED STATES-VIETNAM RECONCILIATION: Through Wars to a Strategic Partnership

Desaix Anderson
New Academia Publishing/VELLUM, 2021
ISBN 978-1-7333980-2-2 paperback
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About the Author

Desaix Anderson • 1936–2021

Anderson joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1962. Following his first assignment in Kathmandu, Nepal, he studied Vietnamese at the Foreign Service Institute and served a total of six assignments in Vietnam, culminating in his opening the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi as Chargé d’affaires in 1995. He later conceived and conducted summer seminars for Princeton students there. Expanding on his previous memoir, An American in Hanoi, this book shares the unique perspective and insights he gained from his fifty-year engagement with Vietnam.

UNITED STATES-VIETNAM RECONCILIATION: Through Wars to a Strategic Partnership

Based on over forty years’ consideration of Vietnam’s history, the author aims (a) to put the Vietnam War within the context of Vietnam’s overall history; (b) to examine the historical interaction of the United States and Vietnam in war and peace; (c) to understand U.S. and Vietnamese policies and perceptions and their implications; (d) to encourage the reader to appreciate Vietnamese points of reference, purposes, goals, and tactical/strategic means to achieve its goals; and (e) to understand the limits of American power and influence and the means to maximize foreign policy achievements by understanding the goals and intentions of it adversaries.



“Only Desaix Anderson could have written America’s Reconciliation with Vietnamthe definitive history of Vietnam’s tempestuous relationship with the United States. Scrupulous research, deep understanding of Vietnamese history, language and culture, extensive diplomatic experience in Asia and knowledge of the key players on all sides have given Mr. Anderson unparalleled insight into what caused the war and how it was carried out.”

—Ted Osius, US Ambassador (ret.) to Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, India.