WORDS IN REVOLUTION: Russian Futurist Manifestoes 1912-1928

A. Lawton and H. Eagle, eds., trs.
New Academia Publishing, 2005
360 Pages
ISBN 0-9744934-7-3 Paperback

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About the Author

Anna Lawton is a specialist in Russian literature and film. Professor Lawton teaches courses in visual culture and film at Georgetown University. Her publications include Vadim Shershenevich: From Futurism to Imaginism (1981); The Red Screen: Politics, Society, Art in Soviet Cinema, ed. (1992); Before the Fall: Soviet Cinema in the Gorbachev Years (2004); and Imaging Russia 2000: Film Facts (2004).

Herbert Eagle is an Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan. His publications on Russian and East European literature and film includes articles in Wide Angle, Film Quarterly, Film Studies Annual, Cross Currents, Disposito, Semiotica, and Slavic and Eastern European Journal. Book chapters on these topics have also appeared in many anthologies. Eagle is also the editor of the volume Russian Formalist Film Theory (1981).

About the book

This is the second edition of Russian Futurism Through Its Manifestoes 1912-1928, originally published by Cornell University Press (1988). This collection made available for the first time in English the writings of the Russian Futurists, which supplied the theoretical base of their movement.


“This book is a major U.S. contribution toward a better understanding of the avant-garde. It is a useful book not only for scholars of Russian but for those in comparative literature and the history of art and culture as well.”
– Magdalena Medaric, University of Zagreb.

“Lawton and Eagle skillfully meet the challenge, and their translations well preserve the spirit and general intent found in the original texts. The efforts by Lawton and Eagle provide highly useful documents for English-speakers on the nature of Russian ligerary modernism.”
– Juliette R. Stepanian, Emory University

“The volume produced by Lawton and Eagle is valuable and timely…The editors have shown themselves eminently qualified to pass judgement on the Russian avant-garde.”
-Victor Terras, Brown University