Francesca Andreini
New Academia Publishing/SCARITH, 2021
196 pages
ISBN 978-1-7359378-9-2 paperback
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About the Author

Francesca Andreini has lived a varied and nomadic life. Born in Florence, she moved to Rome to work for TV programs. When the love of her life became a diplomat, she followed him in Syria, Senegal and the USA, with long sojourns in their beloved Rome. In a couple of these countries their three children were born. Francesca has published two novels, Nessuno ti può costringere (QuiEdit, 2009) e Primi anni a WDC (Edizioni del gattaccio, 2015). She has written for the theatre and the cinema, she has taught creative writing and published on YouTube a series of video tutorials on How to Overcome Writer’s Block (Come superare il blocco dello scrittore). Since over ten years she contributes to the Italian literary Review Zibaldoni. She currently lives in Thailand, where she’s guest lecturer at the Chulalongkorn University. She’s very active in promoting intercultural exchanges and with prof. Paolo Euron she’s the editor of an anthology of Thai and Italian short stories, Storie dell’oriente, Storie dell’Occidente (QuiEdit, 2019). She’s writing her third novel, at present. Waiting for a new life, in a new country.


The experiences of the author and her family during their first two years in the USA are narrated in a witty, ironic style—and a brooding attitude. She ponders the meaning of leaving one’s homeland, while dwelling on the daily hurdles and disappointments, but also the discoveries and opportunities that this entails. Her, and her family’s, everyday life is set in the social, economic and political context of the United States in a precise time period (the midterm elections during Obama’s second mandate, the killing of Bin Laden etc.). The resulting observations are however more general, universal, and come from the author’s habit of not taking anything for granted.

Andreini’s very personal style, characterized by a fresh, sensitive and imaginative language, results in a highly evocative text. An ever-changing reading, with a sustained rhythm, which captures the reader’s attention.



 “In the venerable tradition of trans-Atlantic mutual bemusement, Andreini observes both Americans and Italians with a dry sense of humor and an insider’s refinement.”

—Lawrence Osborne, widely published British novelist, short story writer and screenwriter


“Francesca Andreini’s book is both rich and tightly packed; a kaleidoscopic rendering of the United States with all its beliefs, conditionings, bad habits and virtues.”

—Raimondo Bultrini, journalist and writer, correspondent from Asia of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.