G.K. George
Scarith, 2010
440 Pages, 14 Illustrations by George O. Linabury
ISBN 978-0-9844062-7-2 Paperback

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About the Author

G.K. George is the nom de plume of Alfred J. Rieber. He has visited Russia many times and taught at Northwestern and Penn. He currently lives in Budapest where he teaches at the Central European University. The illustrator, George O. Linabury, has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia. He teaches Middle Eastern History at West Connecticut State University and lives in Brookfield, Connecticut.

About the book

The first ball of the Moscow season in the fall of 1880 ends tragically when an explosion destroys the coach of Count Ushakov, killing his wife and his coachman. The secret police blame terrorists. But the reformers in the government, including the Count, suspect a cover-up. They bring in Inspector Vasiliev of the Moscow Department of Police investigate the crime. He has the reputation of being eccentric and fiercely independent. He finds unexpected help from Irina, a member of the revolutionary underground with whom he falls in love. The politics and atmosphere of late imperial Russia are vividly portrayed with historical accuracy.


To Kill a Tsar is unique among books about Russia written by western authors: being extremely rich in details it contains no factual errors at all.”
– Alexei Miller, Senior Researcher in the Institute of Scientific Information in Humanities of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow

“In this masterful thriller, Al Rieber (alias, G.K. George) meets us at the crossroads of history and literature. He deftly potrays the tensions and dynamics of life in Imperial Russia on the eve of the assassinatino of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, an event that set the stage for the Russian Revolution. In the process the author creates unforgettable characters such as Inspector Vasili Vasiliev, the Swan, adn the Magician.”
– Ben Eklof, Professor of History, Indiana University

To Kill a Tsar is a true thriller, with all the delightful trimmings of a masterful historical narrative. Alfred Rieber (alias G.K. George) lures you into the turbulent, terrorist times of Russia in the 1880s, from glittering balls in nobel palaces to mystical forests in the foothills of the Ural Mountains. Erotic rituals of a religious sect come frighteningly alive in this compelling narrative that is ethnographically and historically rich with plausible details.”
– Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer, Research Professor at the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Georgetown University

“With his unsurpassed knowledge of Russian history, Alfred Rieber (alias G.K. George) traces the conspiracy that led to the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in a plot filled with surprising twists and dramatic encounters between ardent young radicals and their adversaries from the security police. Guided by Inspector Vasiliev, a master of disguise, and his faithful peasant sergeant, readers travel from high society salons to the slum hideouts of thieves and revolutionaries. To Kill a Tsar offers facinating speculation about historical “what-ifs” along with expert historical reconstruction. I recommend To Kill a Tsar to all readers who love action, intrigue, and vivid characters.”
– Adele Lindenmeyer, Professor of History, Villanova University