G.K. George
Scarith, 2011
410 Pages, 15 Illustrations by George O. Linabury
ISBN 978-0-9832451-9-3 Paperback

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About the Author

G.K. George is the nom de plume of Alfred J. Rieber. He has visited Russia many times and taught at Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Budapest where he teaches at the Central European University. The illustrator, George O. Linabury, has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia. He teaches Middle Eastern History at West Connecticut State University and lives in Brookfield, Connecticut.

About the book

This is the sequel to To Kill a Tsar. Another thrilling adventure of eccentric Inspector Vasiliev, who this time takes the readers to Kiev, a city gripped in the horror of the 1881 pogroms against the Jews.


“In this second, marvelous installment of their adventures, Alred Rieber takes the remarkable Russian detective duo of Vasiliev and Serov to Kiev, a city gripped in the horror of the 1881 pogroms against the Jews. There they struggle to solve a murder that is shrouded in the fog of ethnic violence, government corruption, terrorist plots of revolutionaries, and the strivings of Polish and Ukrainian nationalists. In glorious, vibrant detail, Rieber brings to life the world of Kiev: from its distinctive neighborhoods to the outlying Jewish shtetls, from the fancy balls of the high officials to the sweaty taverns of smugglers, from bucolic escapes of city parks to the bustling, hardscrabble world of Russia’s burgeoning. This is historical fiction at its best.”
– Nicholas Breyfogle, Associate Professor of History, The Ohio State University