Judith P. Shoaf
Scarith, 2006
296 Pages
ISBN 0-9777908-6-X Paperback

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About the Author

Judy Shoaf has a PhD in French and Medieval Studies from Cornell University. She is the moderator of the Arthurnet  email discussion group, the managing editor of Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, a translator of Marie de France’s Lais, a lesser espert on Japanese dolls, and a director of the language labs at the University of Florida. This is her first published novel.

About the book

“Everything in this book was meticulously researched. However, any time I found that the actual facts didn’t fit my story, I ignored them.”
– The Author

Were you confused but entertained by a certain recent best seller? Want to be confused but entertained some more? Welcome to the world of the Da Vinci Barcode! An alternate universe in which cash registers ring up Pi million, the Louvre Pyramide is upside down, and Catholic priests have been kneeling before the bones of Mary Magdalene for over a thousand years.

Robert Longone, Professor of Symbology at Harvard Business School, is drawn into a mystical web with international implications when he receives an invisible two dimensional bull’s-eye barcode from the recently deceased former Director of the Louvre Shopping Mall.

His task is complicated by the fact that the former Director had not one but two gorgeous granddaughters, Marie and Madeline Navet, who join him in deciphering the coded messages.

Robert calls upon the expertise of his friends the revered medical symbologist Linden Teabag. At long last, in the very land of the Goddess, he confronts the one-eyed hunchback Fibonacci and every body learns way too much about themselves and about Mary Magdalene.