Horace Campbell and Rodney Worrell
New Academia Publishing, 2006
172 Pages
ISBN 0-9777908-7-8 Paperback

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About the Author

Horace Campbell is a Professor of African-American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University.

Rodney Worrell is a PhD student at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. He is the author of Pan-Africanism in the New Global Conjuncture.

About the book

Join Campbell on this journey as he engages the attention of the reader on a number of important issues: Africa and International Partnerships, defining the task of the 21st century, retreating from the mechanical concepts of humans, leaderism and the lessons of Pan-African struggles in the last century, retreating from wars and violence, African women and liberation, re-conceptualizing Pan-Africanism, Walter Rodney 1974, Pan-African renewal in the 21st century, USA and their concept of partnering with Africa, reparations and peace in Africa, what kind of Pan-African partnership is possible, can the Pan-African movemment learn from the lessons of biological warfare, African youth liberation and peace, and information revolution and peace.

Then travel with Worrel as he highlights the social and political thought of Leroy Harewood one of the unsung heroes of the Caribbean. Unfortunately many working class West Indians have made sterling contributions in the quest for social justice, but their contributions have never been recognized. However, Rodney Worrell seeks to address this deficiency by bringing to the attention of readers Harewood’s views on several issues that are still relevant including: who are Africans, hunger and underdevelopment, Pan-African solidarity, failure of Barbadian political leaders, shortcomings of the black middle class, Clement Payne/NDP alliance, smashing the neo-colonial state, weakness of the liberal democratic model, Caribbean unification, recolonization and the revolutionary potential of Barbadians.