PAN-AFRICANISM IN BARBADOS: An Analysis of the Activities of the Major 20th-Century Pan-African Formations in Barbados

Rodney Worrell
New Academia Publishing, 2005
144 Pages
ISBN 0-9744934-6-5 Paperback

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About the Author

Rodney Worrell is a teacher and a Pan-African activist. He has a B.A. History and Political Science and an M.Phil Government. He is the author of Pan-Africanism in the New Global Conjuncture (2003) and numerous articles on Pan-Africanism.

About the book

Pan-Africanism in Barbados is a pioneering work. The book traces the development of Pan-Africanism in Barbados during the 20th century, by looking at the major socio-political Pan-African formations. Moreover, the objectives, activities, rhetoric, weaknesses, and what caused the demise of the various groupings are discussed.


There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some “The Pan-African movements in Barbados have a venerable history, some of it in the limelight but much of it buried in publications often difficult to locate. Rodney Worrell has been meticulous in seeking out these primary sources. This is a story which young adults are not likely to know, but which they need to know.”
– Anthony Phillips, Senior Lecturer in History, University of the West Indies .

“Worrell’s book is not guilty of myth-making and has gone some way towards setting a standard for future scholarly analyses of the activities of Pan-African issues in Barbadian life.”
– Richard Goodridge, History Department, University of the West Indies

“This book is a major contribution to the field of discussion of Pan-Africanism. In the past, Barbados has been derided as a “little England .” However, Worrell brings to light the depth of African consciousness in this society and the impact of the global Pan-African movement.”
– Horace G. Campbell, Professor of African-American Studies and Political Science, Syracuse University