Charles DeSantis
Scarith, 2016
38 Pages, 11 Illustrations by Charles DeSantis
ISBN 978-0-9899169-5-0 Paperback

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About the Author

Charles DeSantis lives in Washington DC with his husband David McDermott and their 4 children,  (Lucas, Andre, Jasmine and Lilly). This is his second book to be published; his first book was Smart, Beautiful and Important in 2010.  Charles is Georgetown University’s Associate Vice President and Chief Benefits Officer.

About the book

The purpose of this book is to help both the parent and child transition into kindergarten and also show the differences in people. The intention of the book is to educate both the child and adult about what is next as well as help them with alphabet and number learning. It is a learning tool and a story that is meant to be reviewed and used often in learning basics of alpha/numeric as well as what kindergarten is.


“This book made me happy―a feeling I imagine its many readers will share. Lucas and Lilly live in the wonderland of early childhood, a time when numbers and colors begin to reveal their magical powers.  Best of all, they invite their youngest readers to pick up a crayon and join in the fun of learning and creating!”
―Maureen Corrigan, Book Critic for the NPR Program, Fresh Air