Sue Silver
Scarith, 2017
64 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9986433-0-4 Paperback

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About the Author

Sue Silver is a poet and Practitioner of Energy healing, a Nurse Anesthetist and a photographer. Sue was born in New Zealand and grew up in New Zealand, Australia, India, and the United States, and presently lives in West Virginia. Sue has been published in Lummox #3, (Lummox Press,) The Anthology of Appalachian Writers Volumes III, IV and V; Poetry and ProseIn Good CompanyFirst Lights, and on a journal of poetry and popular culture. Sue was interviewed by Grace Cavalieri and recorded for “the Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress for national distribution to public radio. “ She’s read her work at Schaharazade, and Artomatic, (Jefferson County, WV 😉 and, on radio at WHSC, the Shepherd University Radio where she often co- hosted “Poetry Mondays” with John Case. She was featured as poet on-air with readings as well. Sue has a deep interest and love in the practice of Energy Medicine and Transformational Healing of the whole person; and finds poetry to be a major vehicle for that work. Sue is a student of the Enlightened Master Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.

About the book

INSIDE OUTSIDE is a composite of reflections and views of the natural word, inspired by the author’s spiritual practice. As an outdoor woman, some of her poems reflect this physical energy. As a medical practitioner, hospital experiences are reported via poetry. Childhood, which informs all of our lives, is also documented here in episodic poems.


“Sue Silver’s Inside Outside is a remarkable debut collection of poetry. Silver’s poems celebrate both the natural world and all the strengths and weaknesses of human nature. Poems of storms, birds, trees, and even fireflies coexist with poems of childhood, her mother and father, and patients she has encountered in her work as a nurse anesthetist. Silver’s world is one where “the mystery of night song born” informs a “heart alive with little bird hearts.”

—Sonja James, author of The White Spider in My Hand

“It has been gratifying to watch Sue Silver growing into her voice as a poet over the years. In the newer poems about her work as a medical practitioner, Sue has hit her stride. Those poems also make clear her personal commitment to social justice as well as her presence as a spiritual seeker in her helping vocation.”

—Ed Zahniser, author of At the End of the Self-help Rope and Mall-hopping with the Great I AM

“Sue Silver’s poems are filled with urgency, keen observation, and honesty. In her poems, we encounter the sadness of the human condition― beginning during childhood, and lasting well beyond.”

Hope Maxwell Snyder, PhD, Poet Laureate of Shepherdstown, WV Author of The Houdini Chronicles, Orange Wine, and The Backroom.