Zygmunt Nagorski
Scarith, 2007
320 Pages, 12 Illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9787713-9-3 Paperback

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About the Author

Zygmunt Nagorski is the author of two books: Armed Unemployment, and the The Psychology of East-West Trade, published in New York. He is also the co-author and editor of the compendium U.S.-Japanese Economic Relations, also published in New York. During his tenure of office at the Council on Foreign Relations, he co-founded with another member of the Council’s staff, the Mid-Atlantic Club of New York City, a limited membership group focusing on the nature and evolution of Trans-Atlantic relationships. He lives with his wife, Marysia, in Washington, DC.

About the book

My story jumps across initial parts of going nowhere. The decision to cross the Atlantic was prompted by political developments totally outside of our control. We moved blindly, unprepared and oblivious of what to expect. A series of jobs, some typical for immigrants, some acquired by pure luck, followed.

The message: have courage to open closed doors, be bold forgetting your ignorance, there will always be time to learn and to get educated. Above all, never allow yourself the luxury of not trying. The book that you are about to read does not convey heroism, it does not depict battles of major proportions. It is an attempt to project a journey that was neither planned nor anticipated, a journey of one family’s adventure that started as a tragedy yet is about to end as fulfillment. The German invasion of Poland was the tragedy, living the final days in America the fulfillment. The title tells you what to look for. We started in Warsaw. We ended up in Washington. The ‘wherever’ was in between.

-The Author