DC Undercover

Oscar Bartoli
Slow Read, 2013
182 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9860216-8-8 Paperback

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About the Author

Oscar Bartoli is a lawyer and a journalist who collaborates with numerous Italian media outlets. He has been living in Washington DC and Los Angeles since 1994. For many years he worked for the SMI Group, a European leader in the non-ferrous metal sector. Bartoli subsequently moved to the Institute for Italian Reconstruction where he was in charge of media liaisons and later managing director of IRI USA.

He taught in the Journalism School of LUISS University in Rome and at Catholic University in Washington DC. He currently teaches a course in communications for the Program of International
Relations at IULM University in Milan. As a young man, to pay for his studies and also because he enjoyed it, he was a guitarist and singer performing in community centers,  nightclubs and on radio and TV.

Bartoli is the author of E anche questa è America (2008, LUISS University Press), co-author of Massoneria. F.A.Q. (2011, Betti Ed.) and editor of the blog “Letter from Washington DC” (oscarb1.blogspot.com).  He is also the author of Mezzogiorno di fuoco: duello all’ultimo spot TV (goWare), about the 2012 presidential election.

Oscar Bartoli is a member of the Rotary Club of Washington DC and founder of two Rotary Clubs in Rome, Italy.

About the book

The world’s economy is faced with a momentous change in direction: the need to reduce, and then abandon, its reliance on fossil fuel energy and adopt alternative sources without resorting to nuclear power.

Against this backdrop, the interests of two opposing geopolitical agendas engage in both legal and criminal activities to gain the upper hand. This face-off involves the President of the United States as he is personally committed to transparent, but risky, support of renewable energy technology. The end goal is the overthrow of a century long oil-based culture.

The action in this captivating thriller is set in Masonic circles in Washington DC and in major cities around the world. The main characters are clearly delineated in all their egotism, unrestrained sexuality, desire for redemption and love of country. The battlefield is populated by Arab sheiks,
Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, the Russian Mafia with Italian associates, Masonic lodges, Washington lobbies, and the secret services. It is in the secret services that we find the hero, an Italian-American daredevil, who first served in the Navy Seals and then in the CIA. The action also includes the confrontation between a renegade pseudo-Freemasonry in Italy and the Craft dedicated to the wellbeing of society.

Comparable to an action film script, this thriller is a sharp and dynamic page-turner.