Stella J. Cohen-Scali
New Academia Publishing, 2020
234 Pages, 235 photos
ISBN 978-0-9995572-4-2 Paperback

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About the Author

Stella J. Cohen-Scali, holds a PhD in French Literature from Florida State University. She has taught a wide range of courses in French language, literature, and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels at several universities over the last three decades. Since 1999, Professor Cohen-Scali has been a full-time member of the Department of French at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

About the book

Croisière en langue française is a cultural journey through a compilation of 100 texts (including a few crosswords puzzles and poems), each of them presenting a grammatical point studied at the intermediate level. Since the texts have different levels of difficulties, some texts could also be used either at the beginner or advanced levels. However, the manual could be read as a novel with two main characters although, there is no thick plot or suspense (perhaps, the only one: we may wonder if the main characters would be together ever after). Over 200 color photos are included. The texts, embrace a multitude of themes such as: sport, education, celebrities, showbiz, political figures, American and French presidential elections, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, painting, popular literature, solar system, and others.

Since the manual is intended to be used by students on their own, an Answer Key comes as a separate book.


“Professor Cohen-Scali’s texts helped me master the nuances of grammar topics that we worked on in class. As a side benefit, they also enriched my vocabulary. The texts were clear, concise, and compact. They were very helpful to refer to when I get confused.  For anyone who is learning French, this is an easy-to-understand and comprehensive resource book you won’t want to miss.” – Victor Davis.

“The texts that Professor Cohen-Scali has made are extremely thorough and useful in addressing the larger picture of French grammar. They do not merely walk the student through different rules and conjugations, but combine skills in order to ensure a much more comprehensive understanding than one would find in an ordinary textbook. They definitely helped to solidify my understanding of the grammar rules.” – Hannah Martin.

“These texts were the tool I found most useful in learning the targeted grammar. The exercises are challenging yet very manageable and present the grammatical ideas in realistic settings, such as articles and dialogues. The texts are a good way to develop confidence and an organic feel for the grammar without feeling repetitive or unnecessary, as some textbooks may, all while developing stronger vocabulary.” – Jeremy Canfield.