CROISIÈRE EN LANGUE FRANÇAISE: Escales Grammaticales. Corrigès

Stella J. Cohen-Scali
New Academia Publishing, 2020
174 Pages, 124 photos
ISBN 978-0-9995572-5-9 Paperback

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About the Author

Stella J. Cohen-Scali, holds a PhD in French Literature from Florida State University. She has taught a wide range of courses in French language, literature, and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels at several universities over the last three decades. Since 1999, Professor Cohen-Scali has been a full-time member of the Department of French at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

About the book

This is the Answers Key to the volume, Croisière en langue française, a cultural journey through a compilation of 100 texts (including a few crosswords puzzles and poems), each of them presenting a grammatical point studied at the intermediate level. Since the texts have different levels of difficulties, some texts could also be used either at the beginner or advanced levels. However, the manual could be read as a novel with two main characters although, there is no thick plot or suspense (perhaps, the only one: we may wonder if the main characters would be together ever after). Over 200 color photos are included. The texts, embrace a multitude of themes such as: sport, education, celebrities, showbiz, political figures, American and French presidential elections, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, painting, popular literature, solar system, and others.


“Professor Cohen Scali’s book has succeeded in the difficult task of making grammar engaging avoiding the redundancies that one sometimes finds in grammar books. Her exercises were very helpful and interesting as they covered a wide range of themes from tennis to cinema, in a witty manner. They were also easy to follow, which allows students to focus their full attention on the grammar being tested.” –Mikaela Ballòn.

“Professor Cohen-Scali’s texts engage with real world, relevant events in ways that build on students’ understanding of the French language. This book deals with the most important grammar rules and helps students correct common misconceptions while using appropriate vocabulary. I enjoyed learning using these texts!”–Forrest Gertin.

“Professor Cohen-Scali’s texts are a great way to practice French grammar. They provide a good framework for examining different grammatical constructions while also being fun and engaging stories.” –Steven Frost.