Bouées de Grammaire: Le Français en Tableaux

Stella J. Cohen-Scali
New Academia Publishing, 2011
42 Pages, 8 Illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9832451-5-5 Paperback

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About the Author

Stella J. Cohen-Scali, holds a PhD in 17-19th century French Literature from Florida State University. She has taught a wide range of courses in French language, literature, and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels at several universities over the last three decades. Since 1999, Professor Cohen-Scali has been a full-time member of the Department of French at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

About the book

The value of this booklet lies in its concise summary of the fundamentals of French grammar, and as such it constitutes a particularly useful tool at the beginner and intermediate levels as well as for more advanced levels.


“I think our students will love having such a clear and comprehensive presentation of French grammar. They have always found the long verbose presentations confusing. I believe this book will be a great addition to their traditional grammar books, and something they can keep with them for the duration of their studies as a memo ad easy reference to go to.”
—Professor Alissa M. Webel, Department of French, Georgetown University.

“Stella J. Cohen-Scali’s new guide to French grammar, Bouées de Grammaire: le Français en Tableaux, compiles at long last in published form the ingenious strategies that the author has developed to help students navigate their way through the challenges of using the French language correctly and confidently. By the many students who have urged Professor Cohen-Scali over the years to bring her work to press, this guide has been praised as no less than a pedagogical lifeline.”
—Professor Deborah Lesko Baker, Department of French, Georgetown University.

Students comments

“The diagrams really help me to understand the material. It is simpler and explained better than in the book and would be a great supplement to the book work. The color coding really makes it easy to understand even some of the more complex topics by linking the material to some examples. The bottom line is that as a student, I would definitely want to buy this material”.
—Zach Schwab

“Professor Cohen-Scali’s grammar charts are the most comprehensive and useful study tools I’ve used in studying French! The charts not only present the material in a way that’s easy to memorize for class, but that also facilitates quick recall in daily conversation.”

—Faith Mulroy

“This book will serve as a constant reference to students at all levels of study. The grammatical charts allowed me to learn French quickly and effectively and they helped make clear a variety of complicated concepts and rules. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a useful reference for navigating French grammar”.
—Nabil Hashmi