AN ARCHITECT OF DEMOCRACY: Building a Mosaic of peace

James Robert Huntley
New Academia Publishing, 2006
716 Pages
ISBN 0-9777908-5-1 Paperback

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About the Author

James Robert Huntley of Washington State spent a decade in the Foreign Service (mostly in USIA), spurred creation of the Atlantic Institute of Paris, served as a program executive at the Ford Foundation, a Fellow of the Batelle Research Institute, and the president and CEO of the Atlantic Council of the United States. He is a founder and current vice president of the Council for a Community of Democracies and has helped form and animate a dozen nongovernmental organizations dealing with peace and democracy. His previous writings include Europe and America (1970), Uniting the Democracies (1980), and Pax Democratica (1998, 2001).

About the book

This book chronicles a World War II veteran’s lifelong search for peace through strengthening democracies and the international institutions that unite them. James Huntley began a promising social service career in Washington State, but the Korean War convinced him to begin a quest for world peace that he continues to this day. As a young diplomat, he helped the Germans take their place among the democratic nations and later worked on the foundations of NATO and the European Union. He conceived of the private multinational Atlantic Institute, reluctantly leaving the diplomatic service to help world leaders bring it about, and later headed the Atlantic Council of the United States. He has devoted his career to study and networking in foundations, research organizations, and nonprofit groups that prod democracies to unite for peace.


“Over half a century, James Huntley has played a major leadership role—in government and in the nonprofit and scholarly worlds—animating and strengthening bonds among democratic peoples and institutions, from the EU and NATO to the new intergovernmental Community of Democracies. This is a personal story of our times, well told by a master practitioner.”
—Robert Hunter, former US ambassador to NATO

“Jim Huntley is both an extraordinary American and an advocate for multiparty democracies around the world. Every democrat anywhere should read this work.”
—David Kilgour, Member of Parliament, Canada

“James Huntley shares with us his incomparable experience of diplomacy and the organisation of civil society in a book rich with his wise insights.”
— The Rt. Hon. Lord [Christopher] Patten of Barnes, CH, former European Commissioner for External Relations and Governor of Hong Kong