32 twisted turns

Anna Schmalinsky
Scarith, 2020
58 Pages, 1 Photo
ISBN 978-1-7348659-9-8 Paperback

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About the Author

Anna Schmalinsky (real surname Emelianova) was born in 2003 in Tyumen, in Western Siberia. As a creative pen name she chose her great-grandmother’s surname – in her memory. Despite her young age, she has already received several awards.  Her works were published in numerous magazines, in Russia as well as in Finland, Germany, Canada and Israel.

She has been writing poetry in Russian since she was 14; in English, since she was 16.

In 2020 her book of Russian poems, Moy mir raskrashen v rovnuyu polosku (My world is even-striped) was published in Krasnoyarsk. She also actively works in the genre of video poetry. Currently she resides in the UK and is a student at d’Overbroeck’s School in Oxford.