Copyright And Royalties



Authors retain copyright ownership and grant New Academia the license to publish and sell their works for a term, according to the provisions of the Agreement.

Authors must include evidence of copyright registration in the Submission Package. Since the registration may take months to complete, a receipt of submission will be accepted as evidence. To register the book with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, visit If the book has been published in the past, authors must provide evidence of reversion of rights from the previous publisher.


Authors receive royalty payments on all sales once a year, according to the provisions of the Agreement.

With most university and trade presses, authors receive royalties after amortization of costs—an arrangement that often results in no royalties.With New Academia, authors make 10% royalties on wholesale price, and royalties start accruing from the very first sale.

Authors may purchase their books at 30% discount, and 40% for orders of 50 copies or more. But royalties do not apply to author discount purchases.