Heretical Empiricism

Heretical Empiricism

Pierpaolo Pasolini, Translated by Ben Lawton, Louise K. Barnett, trs.

New Academia Publishing, 2005
320 Pages
ISBN 0-9767042-2-6 paperback

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About the author

Ben Lawton is Chair of Interdisciplinary Italian Studies and Chair of Film/Video Studies at Purdue University. His publications include: Literary and Sociopolitical Trends in Italian Cinema and numerous essays on Italian and Italian-American cinema, literature, and culture. He has also been editor of Film Studies Annual, Romance Languages Annual, Italian Cultural Studies, and Purdue Studies in Romance Languages.

Louise K. Barnett is a Professor of English at Rutgers University. Her most recent publications include: Leslie Marmon Silko: A Collection of Critical Essays; Ungentlemanly Acts: The Army’s Notorious Incest Trial; Touched by Fire: The Life and Death, and Mythic Afterlife of George Armstrong Custer.

About the book

This expanded edition of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s long out-of-print Heretical Empiricism (Indiana Un. Press, 1988) includes a new introduction by Ben Lawton that discusses the relevance of the book in the 30th anniversary of the author’s death. It also features the first approved translation of “Repudiation of the Trilogy of Life,” one of Pasolini’s most controversial final essays. While Pasolini is best known in the U.S. as a revolutionary film director, in Italy he was also very well known as poet, novelist, playwright, political gadfly, and scholar of the semiotics of film.


“Thirty years after Pasolini's violent death, the appearance of this excellent translation and edition of his major writings on Italian film, literature, and language is most welcome. This book represents an important work to have in every library devoted to cultural criticism, cinema, and literary theory.”
- Peter Bondanella, Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Italian, Indiana University.

“A potentially seminal text that could contribute to the further evolution of interdisciplinary humanistic studies, Heretical Empiricism is highly recommended for university and college libraries.”
J. Welle, Professor of Italian, Film, Television, and Theater, Notre Dame University.
CHOICE (January 1988).